Introduction to Organizations

The Laboratary for Global Dialogue

"Chikyuu Taiwa" is an activity that connects communication simultaneously at one time and faces each other through teleconferences between people who have difficulty communicating directly in a country or region with people in other countries far apart in the earth. From this activity spawned a space that can see the expression and sound of both sides of different backgrounds and cultures. It aims to create a good change on earth between the two sides based on the experience of communicating and the smile that arises and is felt together.
The event started in 2012 under the name "Afgan Taiwa Project" connecting high school children in Japan and Kabul City in Afghanistan, which at that time was destroyed by the war by using satellite phones and video calls. Afterwards the video call activity continued into areas where citizens could not reach news or information as in 2003, we made video calls with schools in Iraq during Husein's reign just before the war took place. Then in 2005 video call activity was held again with high school children in Afghanistan. As the development of internet and communications technology technologies such as the emergence of SNS (Social Network Service) and online video facilities, have a major impact on the means for "dialogue" activities that have been going on. Therefore since 2010, while finding a new way of doing "dialogue", we want to expand our communication and network through video call and with that purpose we established Chikyu Taiwa Labo and in May 2010 our organization was inaugurated as an NPO (Non-Profit Organization ).

Aceh Community Art Consortium

To conduct activities related to natural disaster delivery, in July 2017 an activity was established to be able to continue the information on natural disasters through the concept of community art which consisted of Acehnese artists, journalists, educators, students and various other backgrounds. "Aceh-Japan Community Art Project" is engaged in planning and driving with the aim of improving the quality of human resources and various kinds of international-scale exchange.


It is part of OBOG Organization as a free English and Japanese language school (Kougetsu School) for elementary school students up to senior high school. Members of the Kougetsu School teach volunteer English and Japanese. The Language School was founded by Japanese NGOs for Aceh Tsunami victims as a form of support to them. From 2016, KSA in addition to being a language school also became one of the scholarship providers for Tsunami victims and also officially became an NGO institution.

TPM Tanyoe(TPMT)

"Tanyoe" means "Our Village" in Acehnese language. Located in Lambirah Village, approximately 1 hour drive from Banda Aceh, TPM Tanyoe was established as a place of activity after school hours run by students from Lambirah Village. The TPMT is also awarded for a business contest run by young Indonesians. With the slogan "Education from us, for us, and for us", the ongoing activities are activities related to learning guidance, Islamic religious education, as well as libraries run by students as volunteers.

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